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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Ears for a New Year part2

see the little blue dot? they have been marked!

a few tears, but really not that bad. not even as bad as a shot! I think she is more bothered about me holding her still and the lady holding her ear steady to get it in the right spot more than anything else. she does NOT like to be held still, she's a wiggle worm! :)

TA DA!!! Here she is with her newly pierced ears with her Aunt Grace! If you click on it you can see them up close. No, they are NOT bruised. :) That is the marker fading from the cleaning solution. It was gone by the end of the day. She hasn't messed with them nor have they bothered her. We clean them every day and she doesn't mind a bit.

Some questions you may have...
Why did I do this? I wanted to! I've always wanted to. Her girl cousin's (my sister's kids) have their ears pierced and have never had any issues. I've always loved it on them so of course I wanted to do it with my daughter! I can clean them and keep them from getting infected and I won't have to be bothered with trying to keep a young girl interested in cleaning her ears for 8 weeks! :)

Does she play with them? NO, never. She doesn't realize they are there.

Will I change them out? NO, not for a long least 5 years old. At that point, maybe we'll consider it.

Do I regret it? Nope, not one single bit. I'd do it again in a heartbeat and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how girly it makes her look!

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Vonda said...

Addison and Grace look awesome! And Addison already looks like, "oh yeah...I've had these little pierced ears all my life" look. What a little doll baby!

The Peoples Family said...

LOVE the ear piercing. I wanted to get Gabby's done a long time ago but my dear hubby didn't want it done but he did comment the other day, asking Gabby-"When is your Momma gone get your ears pierces?" so I may be getting it done after all.

Linda Williams said...

Now the 3rd picture is downright pitiful! She looks so forelorn! Why, Mommy? You know I am beautiful without the pain!!!!Ha.

Mimi & Papa

Ian and Katie B said...

My girls have their ears pierced also and I think it is so cute. Bianca was 3 and the twins were 18 mo. I need to get you a picture where you can see my girls earrings- they all have tiny gold hoops and they are ADORABLE!!! It may make you change your mind about not changing them out after a few months. They never take them out and haven't had any trouble. Love those baby earrings!

Jen said...

It is adorable. I had no idea you were going to get that done. I wish I was so brave because it is too cute. She certainly took it well!

Amanda said...

YEAH! You know I love em girl! Good job Addison! She looks even more cute (if that's even possible!)

Katy said...

I'll keep David away from leaving a comment on this. I love the picture with Grace - I know she was SO excited to be there for this big occasion! :)