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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!!!

is it not the BEST feeling in the world to wake up to beautiful, beautiful, wonderful snow...after you've gone to bed with no snow!!! well, if you live in a snowy climate then maybe not but for us Southerners, it is the BEST! i know this picture is dark but I love it! i love seeing their little bodies checking out the winter wonderland outside! i can still remember Harrison seeing his first snow that he could remember at 2 when we were in VA and we told him to look out the window and he peeked out the blind and paused, then said..."Gah"! ha ha ha!!! you think he picked that up from his daddy or Mimi??? he picks up a lot of what he says from his Mimi for sure! :) it was so cute!

it snowed all day, until about 2pm. we got around 4 inches and had a ball in it!

poor daddy! had to go to work! :( we sure wish he could have played with us! i know he doesn't miss shoveling driveways...that was a BIG chore in MI! :)

by daddy! be careful!

Mommy and Jackson


Making a snow angel

tubing down the hill on Aidan's froggy pool float. hey, whatever works, right??? :)

oh I could just eat them up!!! aren't they sweet!

look at this little snow bunny! she was only out for about 10 minutes. I had to get pictures of her in her FIRST snow! we were able to play during her naps which made it easier for mommy. :)

snow ball fights with the neighbors

this boy, I thought he was gonna hate the snow the first time we were out. He has SERIOUS issues with being dirty or uncomfortable so he was FREAKING out about the wetness and the "dirty" party of playing in the snow. is playing in the snow dirty??? this is news to me! :) he was a basket case for most of the time and I was pretty annoyed that our snow day was turning out to be no so fun! We went in for some hot chocolate and the boys were asking to go out again within 1o minutes. I said NO, we need a break and we're not going out until I know you're not gonna cry like maniacs! :)

so, when it was time for Addison to go back down for her 2nd nap, we got ready. I was able to put Anthony's socks over Jackson's gloves and then put his coat on so his arm were covered and no snow could get up into his sleeves. after that, he was good to go! he has a blast...we all did...and I'm SO glad! i was worried at first. :)

isn't it just beautiful!

Mommy's turn on the float! it was really fun! made me want to go back to Tahoe and go tubing!

Jackson's snow angel

Daddy finally got home around 4:30 and was able to go out with us for our third time to play. He enjoyed floating down the hill as well! :) he even took Addison for a ride!


Katy said...

Poor Anthony - he even looked cranky in his work coat having to shovel. I absolutely LOVE the look of snow first thing in the morning - before the plows have come through and everything is just beautiful!

Keizers Family said...

I love snow! If it's gonna be cold, let it snow! You've had more in NC than we've had in Indy all winter! Looks like you all had a blast! :)

Jen said...

NO FAIR:(:(:( We are so sad to have missed a day like this. You got great pics. I love the first one. I'm glad Addison got a good use out of her snowsuit.

Sheila said...

We are so very JEALOUS that you had such a beautiful day of snow. I too LOVE to watch snow as it is falling and the sight of it on the tree limbs and all over the streets before cars drive on it is breath taking! We went to bed expecting a Winter Wonderland and woke up to see disappointed children every where out of school for a snowless "Snow Day"! Only here can the weather men get it so wrong!HA!
Love, Mom

dandsratz said...

OH MY WORD!!!!! HOW HEAVENLY!!!! I LOVED seeing these pictures!!! :) Pray some our way before the season is completely over!! :) Love ya! :)

Vonda said...

Oh Beth the first pix is absolutely glorious! Oh I just love it! And snow is great but not when you have 40 days of it (our first Winter in Germany) and no I'm not bitter about it although I did count each day because I had never seen so much snow in my life. :) And hey sliding down the hill on a pool float is fancy...ask Anthony we used to slide down the hill on a trash can lid. :) Hee hee!

Linda Williams said...

I loved the snow pictures at first. It looked so quiet and sleepy. The kids looking out the windows were just beautiful!

You know I believe My Daughter-in-love has really caught on to this picture taking thing! Now you know what I always meant when I said, "I have never taken a picture that I regretted taking."

It is a beautiful way to record life. Keep it up!

Of course, You may have someone say to you like Bridgette said to me the first time she came into our home...."Mrs. Williams, it is like a shrine in here....So Many pictures!" I laughed and laughed but then there was no mistake to Bridgette of how I felt about my family! Ha.

Mimi and Papa

Mimi and Papa