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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Basketball is back!

Coach Deon talking to the team

Coach Anthony watching the players to give them directions and Harrison trying to catch the rebound!

Harrison guarding his man!

Here are the cheerleaders! We had a few extra this game so that was special. Chris and Joe were already and the GA Tech Game so they weren't with us but Cody and Jackson had fun hanging out at the game.

The proud brother...this little guy loves his big brother Harrison SO much! You may be wondering why he is still in his coat? I do believe this picture was taken towards the end of the game. He didn't want to. He loves to have his coat on and will leave it on for a very long time if you'll let him. We went over to a his friend Jack's house last week and he took of inside. About 10 minutes later, he comes running downstairs with Jack and I realized he still had on his shoes and his coat. He was fine to leave it on. I convinced him he'd be more comfortable without it. He keeps me laughing. :)


My big boy! Doesn't he look handsome in his uniform! :)

This year Anthony is helping coach Harrison's basketball team with Harrison's friend Donovan's dad Mr. Deon. We're having a lot of fun going to the games and cheering for our boy! Jackson has grown up a lot this year concerning the games. He actually likes to sit and watch. Last year Anthony and I took turns walking him around because he couldn't sit still and threatened to run out on the court during the games. :) We LOVE the Upward Basketball program and are so glad we get to participate in it again this year! GO HARRISON!!! WOO HOO!!!


Linda Williams said...

I loved the pictures but could not see any of your comments.

Mom W

Janet said...

That's awesome that Anthony can coach this year! Harrison will never forget it!

The Peoples Family said...

Our boys LOVE upwards also. This is the first year they aren't getting to play BB and it is our oldest last year (6th grade). Too many things up in the air about possibly moving.

Vonda said...

OH look at my little man Harrison! He is practically in the NBA...look at him guarding his own man out there!!! Wow...he is big stuff for sure!!!

And Jackson...doesn't his smile just melt you? He's a doll baby and Addison I'm sure was the best little cheerleader at the game! Great seeing Jessica and Cody in the pics too! Jessica looks great!

Sheila said...

Harrison is quite the athlete following in his father's foot steps and leading the way for his younger brother! Go Harrison! I love the ladies in the family cheering their men on!!!!
Love, Mom

Katy said...

I think Harrison looks adorable - with his hair all styled...even for basketball! :)