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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bus Ride

Harrison had a field trip on Friday of last week to the Farmer's Market in downtown Raleigh. I was able to go and it was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed seeing him interact with his classmates and getting to know his teachers better. One of the highlights of the trip for Harrison was riding the bus. We take him and pick him up from school everyday so he doesn't get to ride the bus. You can barely see him in the picture but I had to take it anyway!


Adam and Nat said...

I HATED taking the bus! It stressed me out so much. I would always be nervous about so many things like I'd get off at the wrong bus stop, or no one would want to sit with me, etc. It makes me sweat just to think about it! :)

The farmers market is such a great idea for a field trip! That's fun you got to go along! I can't wait for stuff like that. :) Hope you are feeling well!

Linda Williams said...

What fun and what memories! I know Harrison was so glad that his Mama got to go with him.

I am really happy that you can be a part of his life at school. What a wonderful privilege!

Mimi and Papa

Heather said...

Cailey's favorite part was the bus too! Kids are so funny aren't they?

Vonda said...

Yeah...Harrison got to ride the bus!!! I know he must have been so tickled. And Beth, I too second what Mama said, I am so glad you are able to be involved in Harrison's class...he will look back on that one day and be so grateful. Love ya -V

Jen said...

Looks like a fun trip. Kids always like riding the bus - I can't stand buses. What a great field trip.

Katy said...

Everyone's kids keeping saying the bus is their favorite part...I'm with Jen on this one. That was the worst part about high school before I got my license!!!