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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Weekend Wedding

First morning Breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Saturday! We went AGAIN on Sunday!

Jacob and Rachel

Momma Lou with the boys
Uncle Doyle, Natalie, & Ron
For some reason, the boys look so old in these pictures! what is happening to them!
As any good brother would do, Harrison convinced Jackson it would be fun to drink from the rock water fall. Why not? It looks like a water fountain!

Jackson truly loved the string quartet! I think it was his favorite part of the wedding!

Anthony's cousin Natalie got married this past weekend. We drove down to Greenville, SC on Friday night. The trip up was pretty bad because I was just feeling SO sick but thankfully I was feeling much better coming home! We were able to meet my cousin Rachel, who is attending Bob Jones University, and her boyfriend Jacob. They make a great couple and it was fun being able to see them. That afternoon we had the wedding. It was beautiful and on a huge farm. There was a playground for the kids which worked out very nicely. Jackson's favorite part was the String Quartet. He just watched, and watched, and watched. :) Natalie made a beautiful bride and we hope she and Ron will be very happy.

We were able to see Anthony's Grandmother Momma Lou. She was very excited about the news of the baby and told everyone before we had the chance. We didn't care though! We were just so excited that she was so excited to make sure everyone knew! Grandparents are that way, the want people to know about their grandchildren! :)

It was a great weekend! Two breakfasts at Cracker Barrel, can't beat that! We are so glad we were able to make it!


Linda Williams said...

And Mimi and Papa were sure glad you could make it! It was a beautiful day and wedding and Natalie really did make a beautiful bride! It was fun making sure that our new cousin, Ron, met his cousin, Anthony and Anthony's BEAUTIFUL family. Do I sound like a Mimi? Oh, I don't care......they are beautiful. I can't help it....I refuse to apologize.....I am totally convinced that our 3 grandchildren are the BEST! There were 3 missing at the wedding.....Vonda, Ian and Ella Rose. Wouldn't it have been wonderful if they could have been there!

Mimi and Papa

Jamie said...

They boys look so cute all dressed up, and they do look so grown up. Where does the time go? Sounds like you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Vonda said...

All day long on Saturday I thought about Natalie getting married. I so wish we could have been there. Oh Natalie looked so beautiful! And I can't wait to meet glad he makes Natalie so happy! Y'all looked like y'all were having a great time and esp the boys with the water. Love ya -V

Jen said...

The boys look so handsome. They really have grown up and it looks like they get along very well. What a fun weekend.

Katy said...

They DO look grownup and so very handsome!! 2 mornings of Cracker Barrel sounds like heaven to me...still waiting for my first trip to our new one....So glad Jackson LOVED the string quartet - such a cultured boy!

Heather J said...

Oh how I remember green car drives. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Sounds like a great weekend, and you're right - the boys do look OLDER@!!!

Amanda said...

They totally look like little men! That is too cute! Something about getting them all dressed up always makes my boys look a little older!