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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

quotes from Harrison

Harrison was talking to me about school after he got home. He was telling me all kinds of things and I was eating it up! I was asking him what is your favorite thing Mrs. Lee does at school? He paused and said, "when she leaves us." I repeated it to make sure I heard correctly and he said, "yeah, like when she leaves us at Art." We talked some more and I asked a few more things, he then says, "mom, girls just talk way too much." I'm guessing this will probably be something he'll feel for much of his life! I've got to work on that, want to make sure he's an appealing catch to that special girl someday!!!!


Anonymous said...

Harrison will be a great catch for a great girl someday! Don't you doubt it for a minute...And don't stop talking...that is one way he will learn to communicate with women. It will be natural for him to share his day with that special someone God has for him because he is learning now, with his "Mommy Talks". Children say the most priceless things when we least expect it!
Love, Mom

Jen said...

What do you mean some special girl - I thought we had this all planned out guys! Erin is betrothed to Harrison, and talk about a talker! He better get ready!

anthonyandbeth said...

that's right Jen! I'm completely in favor of arranged marriages now that I have my own children! :) and I shouldn't worry too much about Harrison, I was thinking with as much as his mommy, mimi, and aunt vonda talk he'll think one woman is a breeze! :) I love it when Erin talks, I only wish we could catch her conversations more often! :)

Vonda said...

Oh yeah arranged marriages are awesome! We already have Ella Rose's man picked out too. :) Oh yeah Harrison will find an awesome gal one day because we're already praying for our little man! Love you-V

Katy said...

So funny - so he loves going to his "other" classes!!! He's doing so great!!! I think it's VERY funny that HE thinks GIRLS talk alot!!! It's in his blood - he can't escape it!

Linda Williams said...

I agree with your Mom. Keep talking to him and encouraging him to talk. It is such fun to hear about their days. Don't miss a day showing interest in what he did. He will just grow up to think that is just what Mommy's do!
Just ask Anthony.....he told me the other day that when he and Vonda were young..."You just talked and talked and talked...why my goodness Mama you just talked all the time." Now that they are grown you would think I would be just a little quieter, wouldn't you?

Mimi and Papa

Heather Hughes said...

I just laughed and laughed at these cute things he says. I love the one about you wearing make up and polish...HILARIOUS! thanks for sharing!