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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

more of our visit with Ian, Vonda, & Ella Rose

I know! It's a lot of pictures but I don't know how to narrow things down! So you'll just have to look at them all! :)

Jackson & Ella Rose

This morning, Jackson and I entertained Ella Rose while her Mama and Daddy were getting things ready to leave.

Uncle Anthony saying goodbye!

We spent some time with Harrison this morning so he could give a proper goodbye to little Ella Rose. These boys are REALLY going to miss her! They have had a blast having her here and actually we ALL are going to miss having her around and being able to see her grow up! She is going to be so big by the next time we see her, I can't even think about it! It gives me a headache and makes me want to cry!

Jackson played peek-a-boo with Ella Rose at lunch on Monday. We went to Seaboard Cafe, one of Vonda's favorite places here in Raleigh and it was a lot of fun. Jackson told us he was going to go and "hide" and then went and put his face in that pot. We got a big laugh out of that one, he is such a ham! :)
Ian & Ella Rose
Harrison loved holding Ella Rose!
Here is the dress that Harrison and Jackson sent Ella Rose when she was born! We were so glad to see her model it for us and show it off at church on Sunday! She was quite adorable wearing that pink dress! :)

The boys loved being part of bath time and Ella Rose enjoyed them helping with her lotion. Clean babies are one of my favorite smells and boy did she smell good!
Eating time was sometimes hard for Ella Rose because there is so much to look at in a house of boys. They loved watching her and even distracting her! :) "It's time to eat! Eat what a treat? Eat, Eat!" You'll have to ask Vonda to sing that song for you, it's Ian's absolute favorite! (actually he's a bit tired of hearing it! :))
The microphone was a big hit for Ella Rose, she's going to be a singer for sure!

We celebrated an early Thanksgiving Dinner with everyone (mom has all the good pictures of dinner so I'll have to get some from her to post). Mimi & Papa's tradition at Thanksgiving is to present some Stocking Gifts to get everybody in the mood and excited about Christmas. So, we had fun opening a few presents. Vonda and Ian decided to bring their gifts for the boys so they could see their expressions being as we won't be together at Christmas again this year. They brought them their own Flight Jackets just like their Uncle Ian and they looked adorable in them! AND, they brought them a Nativity set from Poland that is very hands on and kid friendly! We were very excited! Thank you Vonda and Ian for the GREAT gifts!

Jackson and Ella Rose
Harrison & Ella Rose

kiss, kiss, kiss!!!

Harrison has been saving rocks for his Aunt Vonda's birthday since we moved to Raleigh, NC. She was so gracious to accept his bag of rocks for her birthday that we celebrated while they were here. He was so excited! :)
Jackson and his new best bud, Uncle Ian!

We were able to make it to the pool once while there were here, but it was SO cold! The water was like ice and that is why Harrison is no where to be found. He wouldn't get in no matter how hard we tried! Ella Rose is quite the little swimmer, so talented! :)

We had so much fun visiting with Aunt Vonda, Uncle Ian, and Ella Rose! We already can't wait for the next time!


Amanda said...

Isn't family the best, even if you don't get so see them as often as you would like! Ella Rose is absolutely gorgeous, and it seems like you all had an amazing time! At least you took lots of pictures so you can continue to cherish the precious moments!

Linda Williams said...

It looks like Jackson is practicing his Rock Band routine!
Are these photos priceless or not!
Loved them all!
I see while the boys were getting the lotion on Ella Rose, she was seeing what her Aunt Beth was doing...
Mimi and Papa

Jessica said...

It looks like you all had the best time. I'm so happy that you all got to spend such amazing family time together. Cousins are the best. I can't wait to hear all about it this weekend. You all couldn't have picked a better time to come to town. I need some Beth therapy! :) See you all soon!

Jen said...

Wow - I think you guys had a marvelous time with family. I hope it didn't go by too quickly for you and you all got to do all that you wanted to. I think it's precious how smitten the boys are with Ella Rose. She is a cutie! Glad it was such a great visit. I love the flight jackets on the boys!

Katy said...

Oh man, those pictures are the cutest!! Ella Rose is so cute with her round little face and those little teeth!! Absolutely adorable - you got some good ones! :)

Andy & Jen said...

Ella Rose is just adorable. It looks like you guys had an awesome visit together.

Erin said...

Ella Rose has the BEST smile. She is too cutie! And she has wonderful big boy cousins really looking after her, it looks like. What a lucky girl!

Vonda said...

Oh what fun we had with y'all! It went by way too fast and now I'm sitting in Germany missing every moment with y'all. From the pixs, Ella Rose knew she was the Belle of the Ball with the boys didn't she??? She felt so comfortable with them and she misses them already. Oh what priceless memories we have! We love you all and I better stop writing now or I think I'm gonna cry. Love you -Vonda