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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese with Josiah Schrodt!

Mark and Anderson - all the daddy's loved this game!
Harrison & Jacob
Jacob looked so cute I couldn't bring myself to pull him down!

Tutu came and taught Jacob and Jackson the correct way to play the game!

posing for the boys are good at that! :)
Daddy and Jackson on the jet ski game - David and Jacob looking on and giving pointers!
Happy Birthday Josiah! Can't believe you are 5 now! The pizza sure was yummy!
WOW!!! Look at all those fun Transformers to play with! We can't wait to come over and try them all out!
Josiah, your mom did a FANTASTIC job on the cake!

It worked...all of the kids took a group picture willingly! Love it! :)
Thank you Josiah for inviting us to your 5th Birthday Party! Yippee! We were so happy to be in town to celebrate with you!


Katy said...

HA - I'm so glad SOMEONE got a picture of Jacob cheating! I heard about classic Jacob!! What fun we had - we were SO happy that you guys could be here with us!! Haven't missed one yet, have you? I like it that way!

Vonda said...

Oh these pixs of Josiah's birthday party are great! I am so glad Harrison was able to go to his buddy's party. And it looks like there were only 2 little girls at the they were outnumbered huh??? Is that little Erin? Not sure who the other little girl is but they all look like they're having a ball. Love ya -V

Heather J said...

We had such a good time! It is always good to see you!!