Reflections of a Mom's Life

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hilton Head - Day 1

We arrived on Friday afternoon, August 14, 2009. It was so GREAT to finally be together again! Anthony and the boys hadn't seen Vonda, Ian, and the girls for TWO YEARS!!! It had just been TOO long! The reunion was sweet and we picked up right where we left off.

The kids enjoyed riding the luggage carts to help Papa, Anthony, & Uncle Ian unload the cars. :)

Mimi fixed us a yummy steak dinner and then we all got ready to head the pool!


Janet said...

I can just feel the absolute JOY of this reunion! What a blessing!

Linda Williams said...

Didn't we have just the most wonderful time! And Anthony and Ian did a good job at the grill too! I am so glad that I had warned Ian ahead of time that it would not be quiet on our vacation. Shucks, It was not quiet when we only had one child and Vonda not married yet.....We have always been a loud bunch, haven't we! Must be a Williams trait! But I LOVE it!

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Love the pics and wish we could go right back doggone it! We sure miss y'all! You can tell who the runners and Anthony standing up in the pool and Ian and I HIDING in the pool! Hee hee! :) Ella Rose still talks about the boys and our girls enjoyed their cousins so much!